How to Embed Google + (Plus) Post to Blogger Blog Post

How to Embed Google + (Plus) Post to Blogger Blog Post
Facebook and Google have become a great revival from the date after Google introduce their social networking site Google +. They both are introducing a new features to attracts more users to their network. On my previous post I showed you the way to embed Facebook post to blogger blog post. You can read the full post from below link.
Google + has also enable same features. Users can now directly embed posts from Google+ to their blogs/website and it’s fully interactive, which means users can +1 a post, comment and follow the author directly from the place where it is embedded. You can embed any post of yours or also other’s post but that must be public post.
So take a look the way to embed Google + post to Blogger blog post.

How to Embed Google+ Post to Blogger Blog Post

  • At first log in to your Google+account and choose the post you want to embed.
  • On the right side of you on the selected post you will see an small arrow i.e Options menu . press the arrow . The drop down menu will appear. Choose the option Embed post.
  • A new pop up window will open with a Code. Copy the code. (Keep it safe, we need it later)
Now it’s time to embed that code or say Google + post to blogger blog post.
  • Login to Blogger> Create New Post> Choose HTMLoption
  • Paste the copied code in the HTML editor, where you want to show the post. Once it’s done you can publish the post and see it’s working.

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